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An Industry Backed, Unique Accelerated Education Model – a class by itself.

Innovation Is Where Imagination Meets Ambition Driven By Passion To Create, Communicate & Correlate With The Future.

BEYOND4 College, is a school of Technology & Innovation for all levels of Creators, Sustainers, Disruptors & Humanizers. At BEYOND4 College we provide you with the pathways that enable important aspects of Technology and Innovation that exceed the expectation of any education institutions. Accelerate today with BEYOND4 College. All programmes that are offered by BEYOND4 College are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) as well as the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Hands-on Experience

We offer hands-on experience for students to develop INNOVATIVE ideas including industry & market research, the opportunity to develop their voice and transform it into solutions that carve business plans for real world projects.

BEYOND4 College includes Future Ready Core Modules into programmes which are all part of the BEYOND4 Ecosystem made available to all individuals, groups, and collaboration partners. Be equipped with real world communication, management skills & knowledge using various technology platforms and drive information in the right direction towards meeting demands and achieving career goals.

BEYOND4 Ecosystem is 5 intelligently connected accelerators designed exclusively for individuals to develop their true potential. Students who are part of this ecosystem will benefit in employability, career advancement opportunities and skill improvement programs within the ecosystem. Students will also have the opportunity to join various industry activities and events with the BEYOND4 Tech Ecosystem alongside monthly conferences, workshops & co-curricular activities.

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem comprises of various local and international mentors, technology hubs & investors bringing the possibility of building successful start-ups in Malaysia. BEYOND4 is vested in bringing forth Malaysia’s best talent to showcase to the world and you could be just the one we are searching for.


Exclusive Partners Globally & Locally Across Industries driving high-value programmes with the BEYOND4 Ecosystem

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