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We at BEYOND4 College, strongly believe that education should be made available and affordable for all. We offer an array of financial options in which you can leverage on to secure a high value education with us.

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Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi National (PTPTN) is an Initiative by the Ministry of Education to provide education loans to Malaysian Students pursuing higher education in local institutions

Who can apply?

Successful Applicants who receive this loan from the Ministry of Education will have to start paying the loan 12 months upon completion of the course.

For more information, you can visit the PTPTN website with the link below:


Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) or also known as the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a statutory body under the governance of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

It is an initiative taken by the government to ensure private sector employers will be financially sound once they are retired or under any circumstances unable to be employed.

Who can apply?

Students & Parents can pay the full amount of their fee or a balance amount that is owed to the institution using their KWSP Account 2 Funds.

For more information, you can visit the KWSP website with the link below:

BEYOND4 Financial Aid-Income Share Agreement

  1. An income-share agreement (ISA) is a form of financial aid that assists students to continue their education with BEYOND4 College and allows for a portion of the payments to be paid at an agreed upon deferred time (usually upon completion of the programme).
  2. Once the student lands a job with an agreed upon bracket income, repayments will be calculated and scheduled based on a student’s income.
  3. Students contractually agrees to pay back a percentage of their salary for a set period of time.

BEYOND4 College is offering the ISA Education Financing Model with 0% payback interest. This form of Financial Aid is used to assist all Malaysian Students with their fee payments for their selected programme.

Example Calculations:

Total Course Fees: RM20,000.00

Student to pay initial 50% (RM10,000.00) of the programme fee. Payment shall be scheduled according to the semesters.

Student pay’s remaining 50% (RM10,000.00) after securing BEYOND4 pledged outputs below.

Guarantee education investment pays off when students payback ONLY after securing either one of the two BEYOND4 pledged output with 0% payback interest:

  1. Attaining High Income Job Opportunities
  2. Translate ideas into business models as a Start-Up Founder

*High-Income Jobs.

* Students are provided with access to BEYOND4 Ecosystem & Industry Partners for Job Placements upon completion.

* Minimum payment as low as *RM250 shall apply after 3-months of grace period upon completion of programme.

* Terms & Conditions Apply.

Students who have received other financial aids can still apply for ISA if they need to and only successful applicants shall be granted with these facilities.

Foundation Scholarships

Foundation or Yayasan Scholarships are funds provided by private or government bodies to further develop young talents in Malaysia and to help shape and build them into professionals that will make a difference for the Nation.

Students with exceptional results, may enquire more on scholarships by connecting with us.